Slash 95% or More of your Processing Costs.

Save Money with our standard Payment processing, or save a Lot More Money With Our New Edge Processing.

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  • Your credit card processing volume monthly (use the green slider button):
  • Estimated SAVINGS per year (additional revenue you keep) with EDGE:
  • Estimated SAVINGS over 5 year period using EDGE:

Keep More Of The Money You Make.

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Edge is powerful and easy!

Your plug-and-play processing equipment will arrive ready to use and pre-programmed with the non-cash price adjustment of 4%.

With Edge payment processing you can accept all major credit cards plus EBT, whichever applies.

Additionally, if you decide you want to give any individual credit card user the cash discount price, you have the option to bypass the non-cash price adjustment during the checkout process.

Edge provides you with the credit card processing technology that makes this easy for you.

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What exactly is Edge?

Edge is a revolutionary specialized payment processing program that empowers you to provide an incentive for cash buyers while cutting out almost all of your non-cash processing fees.

You will receive customer signage indicating your prices are discounted for cash payments, and that for customers who choose to pay with a credit card a non-cash pay adjustment of 4% will be automatically added to the cash discount price.

The non-cash price adjustment is meant to offset your credit card processing costs.

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Broad selection of equipment.

With 2020's technology, there's no reason for you to be limited or restricted to any single POS terminal option. We have many tech providers and equipment alternatives...many including FREE placement.

Find the system that best suits your needs
Peace of mind tech help & support
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Next day funds for all accounts.

With EPX EDGE, your weekend sales revenue is deposited Monday morning. No more waiting till Tuesday or later to receive your money.

Cut-off times vary among processors.
Get your sales dollars faster and sooner.
As late as 11:30pm EST Sunday evening!
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Exceptional support.

Everything you need to successfully run this program is included in your welcome kit. Even access to our unparalleled service.

Point of purchase door/window signage
Help & support resources & friendly staff
All merchants receive DAC Gold Level Care
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